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Social Media: What to Expect in 2012, Posted by: Angela Denby

January 3, 2012

In 2012 we can expect to see businesses of all sizes adopting many different social and mobile strategies.  As the popularity of the smart phone continues to soar consumers are interacting more and more with businesses via their phone.  Is your business taking advantage of this mobile generation?  SMSsaving can help you get your mobile campaign started!


Technology exploded in 2011. With the increased number of smartphones, iPhones becoming available in Verizon Stores,  and iPads, Nooks, ebooks & Tablets becoming more known and popular, social media also increased.As we say good-bye to 2011, we look forward to what’s to come in 2012.

During our last company Skype meeting we started compiling a list of ideas for 2012′s social media, so I decided to do a little research myself and share my top 11:

1.   Social media will be incorporated into corporate websites

Many businesses have added social media links and information to their websites that consumers now look for these links. Visiting a companies Facebook page or Twitter profile has become as important as reading reviews on the business, and corporate websites have noticed this. 2012 will be their time to join the fun.

2.  An increase in social media usage on mobile devices reported that, “In April, research firm Gartner reported that over 296 million smartphones shipped worldwide last year. This year, the research firm expects that figure to jump to 468 million. Next year, smartphone shipments could jump to over 630 million, the company said. But all those figures pale in comparison to Gartner’s expected 2015 shipments. The research firm said that by then, 1.1 billion smartphones will ship worldwide.”

3.   An increase in personal support

In 2011, individuals began reaching out to others through social media websites. Their problems, issues and causes were spread through outlets like Facebook communities; this has become an accepted outlet to share experiences, find others who support the same causes or have the same problems as you. This type of viral support will only increase in the years to come.

4.   Social media budgets will grow

Now that businesses have seen how social media has effected the world, they realize how important their own social media presence is. Websites like, Facebook and Twitter, are such a large part of everyday life for so many people that it’s hard to picture life without this social connection.

5.   Social media advertizing will grow

With so many people skipping TV commercials, businesses will look to take their advertizing where the people actually are: social media websites. Some companies will create in-house positions and others will outsource to get their information to the public (via blogs, reviews, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other outlets relevant to their business.)

6.   Social gaming will grow

A serious increase in gaming was noticed when social media sites added game options to their website. For example: Farmville, Family Feud and Bejeweled on Facebook. People started playing games with their friends on their smartphones, like the popular game, ‘Words with Friends’.

Plus reported yesterday that the Xbox 360 dashboard has included new social media features:

“There’s also new social network integration and the idea of leaving ‘beacons’ for your friends so they know you want to play a certain title. At the touch of a few buttons, gestures or voice command its now easier than ever to post to Facebook and Twitter, improving the social aspects of the Xbox 360.  Microsoft is also planning to roll out newer apps over time including Youtube.”

7.   News will be increasingly social

Many people get their news on social media sites, so a large number of news outlets have Facebook and Twitter Accounts to keep people updated. Most of the these news accounts allow readers to comment, ‘like’, retweet and discuss news stories with others. This will only increase in 2012 and more people will want to voice their opinion.

8.   Creating websites that are compatible with mobile devices

With the increase in smartphone owners, iPads, Tablets, Nooks and so on, companies will have to make sure their website can be accessed through these devices. People often access their favorite websites from their smartphone or tablet while at work, in the airport, waiting at the doctors office, etc. If they can’t access your businesses information, your businesses loses out.

9.   Election campaigns + social media

It all started around the time of President Obama’s Presidential Campaign – an increase in Facebook pages geared toward the election and candidates popped up everywhere. These days it seems as if every public figure has their own Facebook account to keep the people informed – including our President.

10. Your social media footprint will grow

With the recent addition of Facebook’s Timeline, people can now look back through your Facebook “life”. Not only that, but your gaming profiles, Yelp! profiles, Twitter, Flicker, Myspace, Linkedin, YouTube,  etc. all increase your footprint. The more social media sites that are introduced and you create an account for will continue to increase your social media footprint.

11.  Facebook will surpass 1 Billion people

“Where does that more than 1 billion Facebook users come from? The countries with more than 20 million people and Facebook penetration below 20% will add most of this growth in 2012. Add the potential growth of other countries and you get to a cool billion or 1.1 billion even. And that does not include China.” –Dreamgrow

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